Why Streaming Media Live?

Today, anyone can sign up for a streaming account and begin broadcasting video to the masses. But creating a professional show—one that can hold audience attention and attract new viewers—takes more than just a camera and an Internet connection. If the technology between your lens and your fans is built around a long list of complex hardware, software and process diagrams, you’ll spend more time troubleshooting instead of turning a great idea into an amazing sho‍‍‍w.‍‍‍

Streaming Media Live is a unique and fresh approach to Television Broadcasting, Video Production, Satellite Communication and Live Video Streaming. Our idea is to make clients extremely happy by providing high quality, professional service at a fair price. We have the equipment, professional staff, and a global network infrastructure to facilitate your next event big or small. Our trained staff will work hand and hand with you on every aspect of your project. Our strength is our knowledge and dedicated work ethic to get the job done right the first time. 

About Us

Based in Los Angeles, CA, Streaming Media Live is a division of Digital Media Group, Inc.

CEO and Founder, David Simpson, has been in the Television and Broadcasting Industry for over 30 years. He is known for events and clients including: The Grammy's Live Red Carpet for CCTV, QVC Network, E! Entertainment, Wheel of Fortune, The Rodney King Trial for Court TV, E! Entertainment True Hollywood Stories, CNN, TBS, Telemundo and TV Azteca…and many more

Streaming Media Live has a unique group of Government and Educational Clients, including: California Department of Fair Housing and Employment, California Public Utilities Commission, Department of Defense, County of Los Angeles Public Health Department, City of West Hollywood, City of Claremont, City of Coachella, City of Rancho Mirage. U.C Irvine, and Cal State Los Angeles.

In addition to our listed services, we offer  Equipment Consulting and Installation for those planning a new installation of audio, video, and satellite equipment in a new building, or upgrading their current facility. We will assist you in the selection of name brand industry standard equipment, and provide you with the planning and implementation of your equipment every step of the way.


Satellite vs. Cellular Network Bonding

The options available to our clients for getting live video from a corporate, public, private event or sporting event back to the studio or production facility have never been greater—or more confusing! 

While our Satellite trucks, equipped with state of the art satellite broadcast transmission gear remain a high-quality option, some clients prefer lower cost Cellular Network Bonding to transmit digital video. This technology sends video signals over the same wireless networks we use for voice and data communications. Because of its ease of use and minimal equipment requirements, cellular bonding has enabled Streaming Media Live to cover events that might have otherwise been missed.

The challenge to cellular bonding transmission is that as more producers, broadcasters and clients contend for available bandwidth from a very specific location, the wireless networks are often not able to handle the surges in video traffic around events or circumstances that drive high mobile usage. This congestion slows network throughput as customers contend/compete for the wireless bandwidth from regular cellular customers and even emergency personnel responding to the event, putting the quality and timeliness of the live reporting at risk. This compares unfavorably to the quality and responsiveness of dedicated satellite links.

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