Serving Faith-Based Communities During COVID-19

Serving Faith-Based Communities During COVID-19

Faith-based communities turn to live streaming to connect with their congregations. 

With stay-at-home orders and/or recommendations in place around the country, COVID-19 has caused stress and emotional duress for many people. In response, Faith-based organizations have sought out solutions to maintain connection with their communities—to lift up their spirits. Following are two examples of how Streaming Media Live has assisted the Faith-Based Community in their outreach efforts using Live Streaming during COVID-19.

Love, Peace and Happiness Church

Love  Peach Happiness Church

In April, we helped Love Peace and Happiness Family Church in Los Angeles live stream for the very first time. The goal was to get them up and going for live streaming as soon as possible. We were able to achieve this in one day!

We ingested the client's cell phone into our control room, using our software, and pushed the signal to our CDN. In addition, we embedded our custom player into the Church's website. Subsequently, we consulted with Pastor Leon Martin and his Media Ministry Team, to configure camera equipment, computer equipment, and encoding software, which enabled the Media Ministry Team to stream for themselves going forward.

We are happy to report that Love Peace and Happiness Family Church is now Streaming Live every Sunday!

"Power of YOUth" YouTube Channel

The Power of YOUth

Streaming Media Live was approached by Rabbi JJ regarding his YouTube channel, “The Power of YOUth.”

The Goal: play back an hour-long pre-recorded video, as if it were live from our Control Room, and then transition to a Live Camera Feed in Los Angeles.

The Challenge: the camera was to be placed on top of an open-roof tour bus. The tour bus would be driven around the Pico, Roberston area in Los Angeles, shooting another moving vehicle with a D.J. Playing Music, with that vehicle being followed by an LED WALL vehicle displaying videos. This Roving Concert was for the Youth in the Community, as a way to lift their spirits during COVID-19.

The Solution: Streaming Media Live used an Encoder to push the signal through a Bonded Cellular System, transmitting the signal back to our control room to our decoder, and then into our switcher, which we then pushed to the Rabbi's Youtube Channel.

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